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How do I choose the right painting contractor?

How to choose the right painting contractor is a very good question for anyone embarking on a painting and decorating project. We have been in the industry for over two decades and here are some of the tips we suggest:

  1. See if you have confidence in the estimator. Estimators speak for their companies, and a good estimator will know his business. Good decorating companies invest in excellent estimators. 

  2. Check the company’s reviews on google or on their website. See what their clients say about them and their work. Make an informed decision.

  3. When you receive the quote, read through it and ensure that it covers the work you require. Quotes establish the work that is being done and priced for, so make sure that nothing is missing on your quote.

  4. The cheapest quote will cost you more in the long run. By all means you need to get at least 3 quotes to make an informed choice as to which contractor you are going to take on, but choosing the cheapest really can end up shooting yourself in the foot, so to speak.

Ultimately, you get what you pay for. We are talking about your premises, not your car insurance. If you get 3 quotes for, let’s say, an office to be repainted, and 2 decorating companies are quoting you around £2,000 and then someone else comes along and quotes for £500, do you honestly think you will get a good job? I know it sounds obvious, but it needs to be said. 

Your property is the most valuable thing you own and it deserves quality workmanship.

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What questions should I ask a painting contractor?

Good questions to ask the contractor are: 

What type of insurance do you carry? 

What is the expected time line for the project? 

Does the estimate include the material costs? 

Should I go with an individual tradesman or a company?

Choosing an individual tradesman or tradeswoman over a trade company will come down to your specific project requirements. But here is some of the pros and cons to consider:

Individual Tradesmen/Tradeswomen


When you hire an individual tradesman, you may get a cheaper price. If you know a local decorator who is skilled and you are confident will get a great result, then that is great. 


If for any reason you don’t get along with your decorator, but the work has started you are usually contracted to get the work completed with that decorator. If their work is suboptimal then you may have to hire another contractor and end up paying double to get the job redone. 

If your decorator is indisposed for any reason, your work may go on hold until they are available again.

Individual decorators that are good, usually have their work booked out several months ahead so you may need to work around their schedule rather then yours. 

Trade Companies


Painting and Decorating companies have teams of decorators. If you want to get a different decorator in, or are not happy with the quality of decorating, then a company may correct this at no extra cost to the client.

Having teams of decorators, painting companies tend to work around the clients required schedule. Should a decorator become indisposed for any reason then the decorating company will usually rapidly replace the decorator to keep your project on schedule. 

Many painting and decorating companies qualify their decorators to maintain their standards and reputation. 


Decorating companies are usually higher priced than an individual decorator.


We hope these tips provide you with some useful information in proceeding with your decorating projects. There are a lot of excellent painters and decorators and we hope you do find the right guys for your project.

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