Painting School London

St Giles International School of Language, London

St Giles is an international school of language with educational facilities around the globe.

We were recently contacted to carry out high end decorating work in the London Central English school. This property is a magnificent 100-year-old building in the heart of fashionable Bloomsbury. It’s situated opposite Russell Square and is just a 5-minute walk to the British Museum.

Understandably on such a prestigious property, the work carried out needed to be excellent, efficient and done to a high standard. Throughout the painting work it was also necessary to reduce any distractions to ongoing classes. There were additional challenges varying from areas that were still in use, to areas that were newly constructed.

Parvin Contractors were more then up to the task. (Parvin Contractors have previously carried out works in over 50 schools across london.) So we rapidly set to work with a team of professional decorators.


Throughout the project, care was taken to preserve the existing building and each space we worked in was kept clean. This is a frequently undervalued quality in the decorating trade. At Parvin Contractors cleanliness is paramount to efficient work and the two go hand in hand.

Government Guidlines

Of equal importance, especially in these times, is the adherence to government guidelines and hygiene standards throughout the project. With viruses rampant in society, it is extremely important that we all do our part to ensure the safety and well being of our clients and our decorators.

Finishing touches

With the finishing touches and final coats applied, our Project Manager took time to personally inspect all areas. We ensure that the painting and decorating work done is to the standard we expect of all our decorators. Any minor snags were rapidly handled, before we presented the completed project to the school administration.

They were very happy with the work completed, and the speed and standards in which the whole project was carried out.


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